Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still relevant...still stirring..."Cosmos"

I was in 7th grade when the series first aired on PBS back in 1982. It had such a profound effect on me even in my formative years. I can only describe it as a religious experience. I purchased the re-released and remastered DVD version of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" television series. This monumentally beautiful and inspiring 13 part series, defines and defends the Scientific world view that I share with so many other people.

I have developed a repartee with many theist friends through this blog and interactions with them on their own blogs. I am saying to my theist friends now; if you want to understand a little bit more of who I am and what my views are this video series is THE place to start. I harbor no delusions that it will convert you or that you will agree with every one of or even any of the points Carl makes. But, but if you don't walk away from this series with a deeper and awe filled appreciation for the Universe as revealed by science, then I suspect you don't have a beating heart!

Please take this recommendation to heart! You wont be sorry and your faith is strong enough to stand up to it I'm sure! Seriously, you won't be sorry.

If you are already a science-based non-theist or atheist and you know nothing of this series: Go to Amazon and BUY IT NOW! Trust me!



Anonymous said...

I see you are just a young whipper snapper. I had just gotten married when Cosmos came out. I watched every episode 'religously' as well. A beautiful work. Although I was not particularly spiritual at the time (or was I?) I was moved by Sagan's depiction of the universe and to this day do not see how it in any way contradicts the idea of a creator. In fact, his emphasis on the beautiful harmony of nature only underscores the majesty of God.

He was such a great science amabassador to the masses. I have fond memories of him as guest on Carson's show. Cosmos turned me on to some of his books, my favorite being "Broca' Brain". I'm going to go out and find this DVD set. Thanks, Rob.

Robert said...

Hi again Christian!

I consider myself deeply spiritual!

Just in a different way than most theists.

I am in good company...Einstein, Sagan, Hawking, Spinoza....


Anonymous said...

I will definitely be checking this out. I've read some of the things Sagan has written and I actually think that his images in words are very beautiful.

I am sure I will enjoy.

Robert said...

Hi Brent (or is that Vinny?)

Please let me know what you think! I feel compelled to warn you the Episode 2 is a deep analysis of Evolution. But it's presented fairly. Hopefully this will not put you off!