Friday, January 16, 2009


Silly, silly!! You airplane!!! Not boat!!! Get up in go in wawa!

On a more serious note. To the pilot: Dude!!! You are Batman seriously! Landing a 30-ton airliner with NO engines, on the water, first try and NOT ripping apart the fuselage!? Stud! Sully!! I will be a passenger on Snoopy's sopwith camel if you are at the helm!

Could this guy rock harder? I submit that he could NOT!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Icky sicky poo.....

I have some abominable virus or viri (sp?) that has (have) taken up residence in my respiratory tract. I have been battling this for more than a week now. This all started New Years Day and has moved all over my body. First my sinuses which manifested in titanic headaches. Then it moved to my throat such that it feels as though there's a a knife in my throat.

This morning I completely lost use of my voice. So I am home drinking lots of a Tangerine Zinger tea with lemon juice and honey.

I may die...probably not....but it feels like it!