Monday, December 14, 2009

Does anyone click on this stuff...really?

If you use a free email client like Yahoo. You've probably seen these 'non-sequitor' type ads off to the side. This one just freaks me out! What's with the unkempt Jesus look-a-like? What, pray tell, does he have to do with Obama asking 'Moms to return to school'?

Does this guy represent what a stay at home Mom is supposed to look like?

Is this guy waiting for the Mom at school!? Yikes!

Is this what Mom's will look like if they don't go back to school

I'm struggling here.


The internet...

...making those who had no more of a soapbox than...well little more than a soapbox in Boston Common from which to scream their drivel at passers-by, look positively Einstein-ian.

Thanks yet again to xkcd!

A laugh for a Monday morning...

Thanks as always to xkcd.