Friday, September 19, 2008

A citizen of the world...

"They shoot without shame, in the name of a piece of dirt

For a change of accent, or the colour of your shirt

Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world

Than the pride that divides when a colorful rag is unfurled"

Rush - Territories
lyrics by Neil Peart

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lead OR get out of the way.....

If as you say all we need as prayer...then clearly we don't need you! Get out of the way and let someone who will propose some REAL WORLD solutions to problems rather than imploring the divinity to change 'His Plan'.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A free-thinker taking flight on her own...

Cain & Abel: A heart-warming tale to be sure!

An actual conversation...
  • Libby: "Papa the Bible is messed up."
  • Me: Secretly howling with laughter inside, "Why do you say that?"
  • Libby: "Where the heck did Cain get his wife?"
  • Me: beaming with pride, "Doesn't it say..?"
  • Libby: "No!"
  • Me: "Perhaps you should ask that question in your next religion class..."
  • Libby: "What are you setting me up for?"
  • Me: "Nothing that bad really. This is one of those times when the reaction to a question is more telling than the answer given."
  • Libby: "Doing that might make me less popular with the teacher..."
  • Me: "Sometimes being the teacher's pet is NOT a virtue."
To be continued...


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sparse.....but for a time....

Some of my more loyal readers may have noted that my posting frequency has dropped off a bit of late.

This can be attributed to nothing more than the requisite insanity of boxing up the affairs of a household of 6 for transport to a new home.

The closing is on Thursday 25th, we will commence moving non-essential possessions the following weekend and then the weekend of Oct 3rd we will move BIG stuff with the help of friends and family.

I may or mat not post very much during this time but rest assured I am thinking of everyone who has wished me well in the tedious and never-wracking process I have started.

Post October 5th I should be back to my cantankerous and blasphemous ways!

Ciao for now!