Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A free-thinker taking flight on her own...

Cain & Abel: A heart-warming tale to be sure!

An actual conversation...
  • Libby: "Papa the Bible is messed up."
  • Me: Secretly howling with laughter inside, "Why do you say that?"
  • Libby: "Where the heck did Cain get his wife?"
  • Me: beaming with pride, "Doesn't it say..?"
  • Libby: "No!"
  • Me: "Perhaps you should ask that question in your next religion class..."
  • Libby: "What are you setting me up for?"
  • Me: "Nothing that bad really. This is one of those times when the reaction to a question is more telling than the answer given."
  • Libby: "Doing that might make me less popular with the teacher..."
  • Me: "Sometimes being the teacher's pet is NOT a virtue."
To be continued...


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Anonymous said...

Well you see, it's not supposed to be taken literally. All the Old Testament is simply a form of parable. Adam and Eve didn't really eat of the Tree of Knowledge and cause Original Sin to mar all future generations until Jesus cam along to atone for it. Kane and Abel might represent tribes of humanity among many all descended from an earlier tribe represented by Adam. So Kane (the tribe) could take a wife and become progenitor to the rest of humanity but it would only be a symbolic marriage and mating.

That would make the idea of Original Sin a symbol as well of course. There is no actual stain on the souls of all humanity passed down in Adam's seed. That's just more symbolism.

Wait, doesn't that mean that the sacrifice on the cross was unnecessary? If original sin is symbolic then an actual sacrifice is simply barbarism.

Please keep us informed. This could get interesting. Don't let the teacher dismiss the question either. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Every question is an attempt to understand and dismissing them is to dismiss the very nature of curiosity.