Monday, September 15, 2008

Sparse.....but for a time....

Some of my more loyal readers may have noted that my posting frequency has dropped off a bit of late.

This can be attributed to nothing more than the requisite insanity of boxing up the affairs of a household of 6 for transport to a new home.

The closing is on Thursday 25th, we will commence moving non-essential possessions the following weekend and then the weekend of Oct 3rd we will move BIG stuff with the help of friends and family.

I may or mat not post very much during this time but rest assured I am thinking of everyone who has wished me well in the tedious and never-wracking process I have started.

Post October 5th I should be back to my cantankerous and blasphemous ways!

Ciao for now!


1 comment:

darla said...

oct 5 is my hope you are going to post some pics of the new house...glad all that is working out for you...and I have missed your cantankerous comments