Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lead OR get out of the way.....

If as you say all we need as prayer...then clearly we don't need you! Get out of the way and let someone who will propose some REAL WORLD solutions to problems rather than imploring the divinity to change 'His Plan'.



nate said...

I don't believe there is anyone left for you to vote for!

SirRobert said...

Obama is pandering...which just pisses me off...

Palin I believe she is a 'dyed in the wool' fire and brimstone fundamentalist...which scares me to death...who McCain chose to pander to her ilk.


nate said...

I'll agree with you that Palin's faith is more about a deeply held belief than voter manipulation (on her part, not McCain's), but if Obama is merely pandering, he had a well thought out plan when he jumped into the United Church of Christ with Wright. That seriously wouldn't surprise me.

Obama--United Church of Christ?
McCain--Southern Baptist (used to be Episcopalian...I think)
Biden--Roman Catholic
Palin--Pentecostal/Assemblies of God

Interesting stuff, Interesting country.

SirRobert said...

People in this country are entitled to whatever spirituality they like or want. that much is an aphorism. Given that, it would be ludicrous to suggest that a potential candidates politics would not at the very least be informed by his or her chosen spirituality.

The way I see it...a politician is seeking a leadership position in THIS world, not the next. Therefore I would EXPECT and require that leader to lead with an eye to what he or she can do in a naturalistic or worldly way to make things better here and now!

What good is politician who believes that the end is nigh so therefore why should I really waste time rearranging the deck chairs on the deck of Titanic? That's a very dangerous sort of fatalism that I have absolutely no use for. if everything is controlled and deigned from on high, why try to change anything?


nate said...

Yeah, I value freedom of religion, and all the other freedoms. Obviously, I am a Christian...I'd consider myself a fairly conservative guy.

I totally see your point, but think you are pointing out an extreme case. I doubt there are many Christians who believe that everything is divinely controlled from on high. I argue this point with my own wife. Divine oversight is different from divine control. While I do believe God is approachable and involves himself in human affairs, I don't believe he's decided GW should invade Iraq and so Bush did, or even that GW really thought he heard from God. He just did it...but I stray.

Fatalism...yeah I wrote about this a while back speaking of Falwell and Reagan. We still are experiencing the fallout in our relationship with Russia this day. While I believe there will be an end (everyone does...isn't the sun going to burn out some day or the law of entropy?) I do not believe it to be imminent. Believing that the end is near isn't dangerous...believing that we must do certain things to draw the end near is.

1godsgal said...

Robert: I wish you would learn to be a little clearer when stating your beliefs...this is so confusing... ;-)

SirRobert said...


I am assuming you are being a tad sarcastic? ;-)


hoverfrog said...

Not only should the next president lead the world out of this financial mess but he (or she) should put systems in place to prevent the same thing from happening again.

The cause is mainly greed and short sighted risky lending. How do you curb that?