Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have NO WORDS....*

* (Actually I have a few....)

These people are human filth! I find absolutely nothing redeeming in the interpretation of Old Testament dogma that they espouse as revealed truth!

I'm often told by Christians that these SCUMBAGS do not represent 'true Christianity' or what it means to be a 'Christ follower'. Really? If you really mean what you say then you'd better damned well start shouting it from the roof tops! These monsters read the same Bible you do and yet they come up with vitriolic and intolerant views such as what's pictured above?

If you truly are a 'Christ followers' then it is incumbent upon you, the Body of Christ, to be in the fore front denouncing filth like this as loudly, vocally and vehemently as you can. Otherwise, people like me will continue to see all 'Christ Followers' as a monolith of intolerance and supporters of repugnant morality.

I don't advocate the demise of anyone. But these people are SLIME not worthy of the oxygen they breathe. I can say with out fear the the world would be far better off without them.

All that said, I can't help but think that many of these purported 'Christ followers' secretly in their hearts concur whole-heartedly with the judgment of these evil bastards at Westboro Baptist Church. What other conclusion can I draw? Where is the outrage? Where is the solidarity with the loved ones of the people whose funerals these assholes have picketed at? I think, secretly many 'Christ followers' admire the gall of Phelps and his ghoulish brood. If that's the case then YOU are even beneath him in my eyes. While Phelps and his in-bred ilk wear their hate and conviction on their polyester sleeves, YOU hide yours and inwardly revel in your own self-righteousness! Who is has the monopoly on moral repugnance?

You wonder why people like myself want no part of your twisted little religion? SHIT like this is a prime example!

Look at that turns out I had plenty of words! Some of them may have made a 'Christ Follower' or two cry. DEAL WITH IT! Here's a few more...




Anonymous said...

Robert, I saw this over at Friendly Atheist and was as shocked as you are. In a way I'd love to see them attempt to picket his funeral. I doubt if the Australians would put up with their crap as much as parts of North American seem to.

Ed said...

From Wikipedia:

"Sky News claims that WBC consists of "about 150 members".[9] BBC Two claims there are 71 members.[10] A compilation of the names of Phelps' grandchildren and great-grandchildren, combined with his nine "loyal" children and their spouses, though, numbers 90[citation needed]. Those who followed Phelps Sr. after he was voted out of his old congregation"

It is some what encouraging to see that the members of the church they use to belong to kick these wackos out.

"In the documentary The Most Hated Family in America, the young girls in the church express no interest in getting married, because "that's not what we are about"

Well at least they are not breeding.

"When Kevin Oldham, a homosexual musician, died of AIDS-related causes in 1993, Phelps Sr. sent a photo of Kevin to his parents. The photo contained the caption: "Kevin Oldham: Dead Fag".

It would nice if Kevin Oldham's family could sue these hate mongers for mental abuse.

Brandy said...

So sad. :( I heard this on the news last week and just could not believe someone/some group could do this. Definately sick and wrong on so many levels to say such things.

I, for one, loved Heath Ledger and his movies.

*found your blog through Ed's but I've seen you around Brent's too. ;-)

SirRobert said...

Welcome Brandy!

Thanks for stopping by!


Brandy said...

Thanks! :D

I think I'll frequent more often. ;-)

You're welcome at my place anytime too! ;-)