Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cox-ian Philosophy...

Just for humor's sake...

This man along with Gregory House are personal heroes!

I work with a bunch of Engineers just a 'biscuit' older than my daughter. Most days this is how I feel upon entering the lab that I have spent hours restoring to some semblance of order! Especially the coffee part (completely undrinkable at my place of employment!).



Debs said...

I couldn't hear it because of the other music playing...is there a trick? Hope ur having an awesome day!

Ed said...

Robert, I don't think that for a supervisor fear and intimidation work that well. I always gave people a pat on the back, with a really big stick. :)

I didn't realize that the words lab and order belong in the same sentance. :)

I have never watched Scrubs but will try the next episode.

SirRobert said...

Hey Ed...welcome back!

Fear and intimidation are a last resort. Generally I don't have to use them unless the people I am dealing with don't respond to the usual inducements.

I could never be as obtuse as Dr. Cox, I am a tad more subtle.


Bill Cecchini said...

Gotta love Perry Cox.

My favorite Scrubs scene is when Bob Kelso, drunk at a party, calls Turk and Carla "The Turkletons." I also love when JD dreams Kelso playing the banjo.