Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More humor...

I love humor that makes you go.....hmmmmmm!

Yet again from: xkcd



Indian Lake Papa said...

I think we landed on the moon - didn't we ???

SirRobert said...

Of course we did!

But there are wing-nuts out there, my younger brother being one of them, that think it's a government hoax!

His view is that it was propaganda. All the thousands of engineers working the project are either dupes or paid off. The astronauts? Schills for the conspiracy.

What he and the other's don't realize is you know what costs MORE than going to moon? PRETENDING TO GO TO THE MOON!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out if I'm insulted or not....

Ed said...

There aren't many groups who provide me with as much humor as conspiracy theories. Where would the cartoonist be without these people. The joke is of course on anyone who gives any credence to there ideas, which sadly all to many people do.

I do see a growing "skeptical" movement, in blogs and podcast at least, which I am hopeful will gain momentum in convincing more people to use reason and logic in place of ignorance.

Christian Beyer said...

Funny. I don't get the 'bug' part, though. Swoosh!

Hey, would this logic also apply to those folks that think;

1. Obama is a secret Muslim/Communist out to subvert America?

2. George Bush secretly works for the oil companies?

3. The car companies are hiding a 100 mpg car somewhere in Muncie?

4. John McCain is actually over 70 YEARS OLD?!

Just wondering.

SirRobert said...

The 'bug' lies within some peoples reasoning software...which has the effect of rendering their reasoning flawed. The come to a conclusion THEN search for evidence to back up what they already believe to be 'the truth'.

Conspiracy theorists do this without seeing their fallacy constantly! YEC's (Young Earth Creationists) also do this.

The character is submitting a 'bug' report to the ultimate software writer... much as a beta-tester of the latest Microsoft offering would submit one to its authors.