Friday, August 29, 2008

Where has he been dammit!?

Why haven't I been 'round....?

Confluence of many things really...

I have a couple of professional projects that had me consigned to the lab with little respite from hacking and configuring....

...couple that with the headache of scheduling terminate and pre-closing inspections... and I have little time to to do much else other than sleep!

And even sleep is eluding me lately!!

I guess I'm now concerned about some issue with setting up the mortgage!

"I'm sorry Mr. L we cannot give you the loan. You see, you didn't dot that 'i' in your last name on your March 2008 rent check. No money for you!!!'

You want to send good wishes, say prayers, perform candle rituals....whatever...I'll take all the positivity you got! You'll all have my eternal gratitude!

It's gonna be a long month!

Thanks in advance!!!



nate said...

I'll keep you in mind...I hope everything works out better than you'd hoped!

Anonymous said...

"send good wishes" Ok when ur having a baby shower...

"perform candle rituals" great for...??? who knows...

"say prayers" ahhhhh now there's something that works...and something I will continue to do.....;-)

Anonymous said...

Sleep is over rated. Try to limit your worrying to things that you can actually do something about rather than the things that are out of your control.

And the award for "things easier said than done" this year goes to hoverFrog.