Tuesday, September 9, 2008

There is L-I-G-H-T!!!

"You can't always get what you want...
...but if you try sometimes, you just might find...
you just might find...you get what you need!"

St. Mick

The deepest and most fervent desire of both myself and my wife is one step closer to fruition. We received word today that the loan for our first house was approved today!

I cannot begin to express how happy my wife and I are at this moment. This truly is the American dream. No hard working citizen should be denied this joy. We are thankful to everyone who has expressed good wishes and prayers for a happy outcome.

We will be purchasing a house with this loan; the home is what will be created once my family moves in...

Everyone deserves a home!



Anonymous said...

I strongly suggest getting a surveyor or a confectioner to check your house out. Gingerbread may be delicious but it makes for poor building material.

nate said...

Congrats! I did not forget you guys in my prayers.

I need to sell my house ASAP!

Ric Booth said...

Great news! Congrats Robert and family!

karen said...

Where are the windows?!?
Congratulations, Robert and family. Many happy memories to be built into that home!

ed said...

Congrats Robert. You have fulfilled the great American dream, owing large amounts of money to a bank. :)

Did you get your own Man Room?

On which wall will the portrait of Darwin go?

SirRobert said...

@hoverfrog....yes to all that but in the positive column the building materials are CHEAP!

@nate....Yikes! Not the best market to be a seller right now...but word is we may have seen the worst of the housing slump.

@Ric....Thanks so much!

@Karen....windows let out the heat from my $4/gallon oil!!! :P

@ed....it is the American way to be in debt is it not? I'd rather be in debt from the purchase of a home than unsecured debt. OH! and I do has me a 'man cave' The garage has an attached work shop! Robert's gonna model hisself after Norm Abrams from The New Yankee Workshop! Got's me lots o'projects in mind! Yea I do!


Anonymous said...

May God fill your home with love and joy ... and you might want to shovel off the roof before it collapses!

ed said...

Robert, Norm Abrams is a of the few people I truly idolize. That guy can make anything, or fix anything.

If you needed some home repair work Norm would be the first guy you would call. I would be the last guy you would ask to help.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations my friend...you breathing normal yet????

You are so right, a house is not a home til the fam is in!

Love ya!