Monday, October 20, 2008

The End....?

I'm beginning to question what good I am doing here.

I started this blog a while ago mainly as am on-line diary of my thoughts and views on matter political, religious....whatever struck my curiosity.

I have endeavored to be respectful of people with views different than mine.

I am a naturalist. I see natural causes and reasons for the events that happen in the universe. I do not see any evidence for supernatural causes. As such I accept that the best methods for discovering, understanding, and eventually surviving the natural world is human ingenuity armed with reason informed by empirical research.

A person can only be threatened with eternal damnation and continue to maintain his composure so long. Mind you it is not that those threats are actually instilling any fear in me, I still find such threats hollow and medieval. However, when my children are alluded to in such threats, that crosses a line!



Anonymous said...

It certainly does cross a line. Unfortunately some people don't wish to share their beliefs they just want to smash everyone else's. I see this reaction as fearful, they are threatened when someone of moral character rejects their faith. What does that say about their faith? Rather than explore the implications they lash out at others. It's sad really. Considering the anonymity of the Internet it's also cowardly.

Tam said...

what??? what happened?

robert, i am SO sorry! so very sorry.

i am so angry right now!!!

hover - you are right on too!

Anonymous said...

Tam, I think you'll find that I'm always right. It's a curse really but I manage to live with it.. :)

Robert, I couldn't actually see where a particular comment had been left but I would be interested in reading it. You've got my email address.

b4d6uy said...


This is sad. I hope you are not deterred completely from blogland. There are a few decent people here...

How's the house shaping up?