Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm back and hopefully i won't be so slack as i have been. The 'silly season' does take up lots of my time due to the 4 kids running around.

Well it's a new year! And I would know that even if I didn't have a calendar.

Working where I do I was fortunate enough to be on vacation from 12/24 till...well today. i got to stay at home spend time with the kiddies (which can be trying to the extreme, but it was still worthwhile). A treat for me was that during this period one of the channels on my local cable system, i think it was USA Network, ran a "House" marathon for 2 days! "House" is one of the few shows I actually like. I missed much of the first three years of the show so I got to see many episodes I hadn't seen. However, that pleasure was tempered by the torture of the commercials in between.

At this time of year we are beaten over the head with commercials for diet pills/supplements, new exercise/diet regimens and exercise/workout equipment. Invariably the models/aliens in these commercials promise that you too can look just like them if only you would use these pills or eat these meals or worked-out with this machine for 20 minutes, 3 days a week. GROAN! Clearly we have a long way to go in that these snake-oil sales pitches are STILL making enough money to air these commercials repeatedly all the live long day!

These companies all prey upon the average pudgy resolution making American by convincing him that the way to reduce the flab in his mid section is by spending their cash on some miracle product.

I love the fact almost all of these spots have "Results not typical" in very fine print on the screen while a model user of whatever is being hawked is offering testimony of their results.

Guess what Kevin! This stuff will not work. There is no quick fix, miracle drug or breakthrough machine that will shrink your waistline permanently. The only way to change your body is to change your life. I have seen this personally. It is about changing bad habits. This applies to smoking, drinking as well as weight loss.

I am so glad I live in an age where I can record video on the fly and zoom past commercials! I'd have probably gone insane after an hour otherwise.


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Chris said...

Ah c'mon. Party pooper. My favorite TV drug scam is Enzyte - "Why is this man smiling?"

I just LOVE their holiday advertisement that wants to know why this 'chubby' Santa is smiling. Get it? 'Chubby'? That kinda of subliminal suggestion takes Christmas balls.