Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh the ferric taste of the irony contained within...

From Ray Comfort's blog....

"So let’s be careful when we mock things of which we have no understanding."

This gem from the man who brought us the banana-based 'atheist's nightmare'.

Please see this link for full context:

Practice what thee preacheth indeed, RAY!!!

Thank you oh so much! I now no longer feel any reason to waste a single one of my brain cells worrying about ANYTHING that comes out of either Ray Comfort's or Kirk Cameron's respective cake holes!



Anonymous said...

The banana video clip made me laugh soda out my nose. I sometimes wonder if Ray isn't a plant from the enemy's camp... a double agent. I mean when I first saw the banana video clip I did not know Ray Comfort from Adam and I really thought that that must be a Cameron double and this MUST be a parody. Right?

So anyways, you can't parody Ray.

Anonymous said...

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