Monday, February 23, 2009

How cool is THIS!?

And in formerly puritanical Massachusetts no less!?

I'm sure Pat Robertson will say the famine and pestilence are on the way to the Bay State presently....



Ed said...

My guess is that Pat Robertson considers the State of Massachusetts itself a pestilence on the rest of the country, since your governor supports same-sex marriage, stem cell research and has a lesbian daughter.

In reading about Gov Patrick it was a little amusing to read that when was elected he changed the state's customary car lease from a Ford to a Cadillac. I wonder if it was a Pink one. :)

I think that you state is a ahead of the rest of the country on many issues.

Anonymous said...

Anything to take the complete screwing of Massachusetts taxpayers!

Soon there will be a Big Pappi day and a Ted Kennedy day. Never mind the gas tax and tripling of tolls.

Robert said...

That's Saint Papi and Pope Teddy to you ;-)


Anonymous said...

Is the title a trick questions?

Anonymous said...