Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As we continue to be accosted by voices pro and con on the subject of health-care reform. I have noticed that one of the statements I hear most often goes something akin to this:

"Do you want some bureaucrat deciding what medical measures you will receive?"

Having been a member of MANY different private insurer HMO's since I started my career. I find the question a tad disingenuous in that my health-care has been and always will be managed by bureaucrats!

Generally we don't call them bureaucrats when they are employed by for-profit insurers but bureaucrats they are in all but name.

Do I want to trust my health-care to the 'big greedy' corporations or do I want to trust it to the 'big scary' governments?

Can I have a third option please?



Anonymous said...

And just WHAT are you suppose to say to that?????

LOL....glad ur back! ;)

Anonymous said...

And just WHAT are you suppose to say to that?????

LOL....glad ur back! ;)

Robert said...

It's meant to pose more questions than it answers. :)

Ed said...

If you have the money you will always be able to choose whatever doctor, quality health-care, you are willing to pay for.

With Corporate provided health-care the business does have the right to choice the benefits it will provide. What kind of heath-care, and pension, benefits the company is willing to pay should be some part of the decision to work for them.

With Government provided health-care it's the voters representatives, Congress, who decide the level of care to be provided, and the cost (taxes).

The more control you want to have over your health-care choices, the more you will pay. I can't think of any other way of eliminating the bureaucratic part of the health-care system.

Anonymous said...

Doctors should decide what medical measures you will receive and you shoudl consent to them (or not). Bureaucrats have no say until it is time to decide who pays for the medical measure and how.

The question is nonsense. Do you think that your nation should provide a health care service that benefits the majority of her citizens or should only those with the money receive medical care? If you opt for the former then it is a matter of deciding how much of a contribution you are willing to make to a health care scheme that you may or may not see any benefit for. 1% of your income? 10%?

What proportion of your income goes to insurance at the moment? If you are a high earner you can expect to pay a little more for health care but if you are a low earner you will probably pay a less or none at all.

Anonymous said...

Great out of the starting gate...not much on stamina...LOL