Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clearin away the cob webs....

OK! I am now blowing off the cob-webs of my blog. In the age of the internet, 'blowing off the cob-webs' is code for deleting all the myriad SPAM that has accumulated in all the comment sections!

I guess I will turn on the moderation feature again to prevent such abuses!

As many of you know I have been spending most of my time on Facebook. However, 'FB', is decidedly stingy about what I can and cannot post and I generally chafe against such restrictions. Given this reality I will be endeavoring to resume posting here on a regular basis. I've said this before but it's my hope that I really mean it this time!



King Ott said...

OK, Rob. I've been checking every once in a while and glad to see you back up. Sent you a friend request on FB, just in case you don't recognize the name.

Doesn't look like many of the old gang are still blogging these days.

Christian said...

Ah, scratch that user name and blog link. Remnants of a failed experiment. Gotta change it.

"King Ott"