Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mr Deity Season 2 - "Mr. Deity and the Meaning"


Jason said...

Hi Robert,

I am writing to apologize. I was in the process of what is more of an intramural debate with LWBUT, but that facet of it was right out there in the public, which was the first bad decision. You jumped in in a fashion not dissimilar to the tone that was being used within the debate, which is kind of what this medium is all about. I moved toward you as if you were LWBUT, and that was stupid, because you obviously aren't.

I haven't read your last post on LWBUT's blog because I was already aware that I had let this go someplace that it didn't need to go just because I am a mouthy dick.

From the looks of things over here, you and I will agree on almost nothing, but I can be civil about it. I am hoping that you can forgive me and allow me the chance to prove it.

Thanks for reading this,


lovewillbringustogether said...

"...just because I am a mouthy dick."??

Oh BOY! did my ego ever need to hear THAT one! :-)

Man, am i glad i popped over here - That sentence is now going into my folder for future reference any and every time my ego takes a 'hit'...


Robert? I may not 'B' (for Bob) as you are...

But two things i feel you should know...

1. Mr Deity CRACKED me UP! I can so not see God as an old dude with a beard anymore (not that i have since - ohh about 5 or 6 i guess)

If that is 'gay' humour - gimme more i say! lol
(Mouthy dick - lololololol!!!!)


2. I may disagree personally with some things you may hold true to your heart, but i VALUE you as a True Friend! may the frinedship grow into mutual Understanding!


SirRobert said...

Jason: Apology accepted. No worries. Believe me I know the passions that can arise when stuff like this is bandied about!

LWBUT: You are certainly a different sort. I'm still trying to work my way through the numerology stuff you sent me. It'll take time!

lovewillbringustogether said...

Please! Do NOT 'worry' :-)

Take all the time you need...

but hurry LOL! :-)

And thanks for the 'different' Compliment - you Honour me Sir R!


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