Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh my....

In other news, today workers at Monticello reported an odd sound and an accompanying vibration emanating from the vicinity of the Thomas Jefferson burial site.

"We were so freaked out!" Reported one custodian. "It was this bizzare 'whirring' noise. What in heavens name could make such a noise?"

A prominent personality and humanities scholar Clay Jenkins [1] has proposed that this can only be explained as Thomas Jefferson himself spinning in his grave!

All I can say is if this man is elected President, we are totally F---ed!

[1] Apologies to Clay Jenkins, whose work I thoroughly enjoy, he DID NOT say this! I used this for comedic effect.


Anonymous said...

I have doubts as to whether Huck's head is actually attached to anything in reality.

I know that the media is perpetually indicating that Christians love this guy, but from one fierce Christian who hangs with some real eggheads, please believe me, it is the remnants of anti-intellectualism, and anything but thoughtful, biblical Christianity which reigns in this guys' camp.


Ed said...

Wow Robert. I had not heard that quote from Huckabee before. Thanks for posting it.

I wasn't going to vote for him anyway but it is pretty scary to think this guy has a chance to be President.

The Christian right wing has their man in the Oval Office right now. I don't want to think about the possibility of four more years with another zealot in the White House.

Anonymous said...


I am anything but a Bush apologist, but have you considered that your variety of Zelotry would be no more preferable?


SirRobert said...

@Jason: I completely agree! I think he is completely divorced from reality. But that some would applaud such an idea gives me pause.

@Ed:I'd settle for a politician with a firm grasp of history, economics and the realities of the modern world...

See the post right beneath this one to get an idea of what I mean!


Ed said...

Hi Jason and Robert, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have been debating religion on GG sites so I guess we can take some time to debate politics here on Robert's site. :)

I think of Bush as someone who acts more on his convictions, his moral beliefs, and does not take the time to try and fully understand situations. That's why I used the word zealot in referring to him. I am really speaking more to his foreign policy than his domestic one.

In Iraq he saw an anti-American dictator. He saw the opportunity to spread democracy to the middle east. He was blind to the opportunity this created for Iran and Al-qaeda to gain influence in that country. He was blind to the internal dynamics of the different religious groups in the country. American democracy is the greatest system in the history of the world so it could not fail to succeed in Iraq. He has given billions of dollars to a non functioning government without giving any thought to how some of this money filters down the very groups who are fighting American.

I see Bush as acting more on his emotions, his conviction that he cannot be wrong. Ignoring any evidence that conflicts with his policies. I believe he said he prayed to God before he invaded Iraq.

I don't want a President who will act with missionary zeal. I want a President who will examine all the evidence available and act based on reason and logic.

Unfortunately there has never been an Atheist candidate for President so I guess I am stuck. :)