Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Firing at the NEW atheists...

The people in this video do make some good points, especially about how Prof. Dawkins and Chris Hitchens allude to persons of faith being some how deluded. I do NOT share this view. However the speakers in this video are wrong to portray 'atheism' as some sort of disease that must be stamped out. I too, have very GOOD reasons for the world view I have. i did not wake up one morning and say: "Hey! I'm mad at God I guess I'm an atheist now!" Nor was i taken into some classroom at University and indoctrinated into atheism. This was a LONG slow and educational process for me. Nobody likes to have strawmen built from misunderstandings of their world view.




Anonymous said...

I think that the video takes a very slanted view of New Atheism. It misrepresents us as angry with God which, of course, is impossible for someone who doesn't believe in God.

toadaly said...

I don't know how we dispel the asinine idea that atheists are mad at god and that's why we don't believe. Like you, my deconversion process IS long, and tedious. I say IS, because I see it as a continuous process of skeptical inquiry.

FYI, it's difficult to hear the audio in the movie clip because of the background music of your blog.

SirRobert said...

I appreciate the heads up...

However on the side bar under "Robert's Playlist" is the imeem player and you can pause the playback of the playlist! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Robert....I hope your goodbye, wasn't for good...I thought we could discuss anything? If I offended I'm sorry, just my point of view...sigh...makin me sad dude.. :(

Tam said...

One of the things I related to in this clip was how the man felt bad for not knowing enough about the Christian camp when the other knew plenty, so to speak, of his. Before I "met" you, Hov and Ed I had a very limited and skewed view and opinion of Atheists. I lumped you in to one pile of intolerance. Isn't that terrible? And I am so sorry for that. I greatly respect you because you're you! You're people! You're valuable. You're intelligent. And I have learned so much from all of you!

How do you feel about this clip labeling Atheism as a new religion. It seems to me you wouldn't agree with that much. Wrong?

And you're right...we're really not deluded....much! ;-)

SirRobert said...

GG & Tam

Thanks for stopping by.

When I said 'good bye' I was ending my discourse on the current thread.

I think there comes a point when we'll just have to agree to disagree. I just wanted to bow out before I engaged in some sort of ad hominem attack, which sometimes Jason brings out of me. ;-)

Worry not I'll be a thorn in your sides for a long time to come!


Anonymous said...

I am surprised. This was a pretty thoughtful video. I didn't see or hear them talking about atheism as some sort of disease that needs eradicating, though. I have heard Harris, Dawkins and Hithcens talk that way.

I think Christians worry too much about that trio. They are merely working on the same level as Lee Stroebel and Josh McDowell, pop-theology. Certainly they are not as thoughtful as Zacharias,Lewis and Chesterton. But again, I don't think any of those folks, Christian or theist really convince deep thinkers to convert to either side. Geisler is right, most people have a Sunday school knowledge of the faith, but more importatnly it is a voyeuristic faith in which most people watch those with 'vocations' do the real God stuff.

BTW Rob, watching you over on GG's site. Though I don't agree with everything (but quite a bit of) you've said you are presenting yourself very well in the face of very heavy suppressing fire. Good job.

Adios (God go with you)

SirRobert said...


I appreciate your comments!

I engage with my theistic breathren because I think it important to try to convey my side while trying to understand theirs.

Sometimes I do better than other times.