Friday, February 15, 2008

Five more days...

I just keep telling myself that. I gave my two week notice to my my current company this past Monday. I have about had my fill with this current position! I don't ask for much. Generally I like to be 80% satisfied with the work I do in my career. Every position has drudgery you can't escape it, but over the past year I would rate my satisfaction at about 30%. So when a former co-worker e-mailed me with an opportunity back in December, I was ready to listen. Long story short, I start a new much more interesting job on the 25th. I'm much happier working in an R&D lab with the opportunity to 'break' new and exciting stuff. The extra $ won't hurt either! Yay me!


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Tam said...

Yay you indeed! I'm pretty excited for you Robert - that's very cool! I'm glad it worked out this way for ya!

I'd rather make little money and LOVE my job then make tons of money and HATE my job...although - loving it and making good $$$ together would be ideal!!

Hope it works out great for you!