Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's next...a new inquisition?

From the irony department...

So my thirteen year old daughter will be attending a Roman Catholic High School this coming September. As part of her preparations for transition into this very different world than the Public School system she now attends, she was invited to 'shadow' a current student for the day. It was decided that I would drop her off at the school office today before I went to work. As we were walking through the school grounds and school halls I couldn't help but notice that a goodly many of the students were NOT observing the school dress code, i.e. they looked as shabby and idiotic as the students attending the public high School down the road. I inquired with Libby as to the reason for this but she was as stumped as I. Anyhow, we found the office and I put her into the hands of these modern day Jesuits. Off to work I went...

About 20 minutes ago, my wife called to inform me that she had successfully picked up our daughter from her theist captors and returned her home. I then mentioned to my wife my confusion regarding the rather relaxed dress code at an ostensibly Catholic school. Get ready for this... Libby asked her mentor the reason so many students were 'dressed down'. Evidently, the school is in the midst of a very large fund raiser and the students who sell enough of what ever product (relics, candle drippings, burnt incense who knows!) get to dress down for the week!

I'd like to repeat this because it bears repeating! The Catholic High School is BENDING the rules for students who bring it in enough money! Are you following me!? They are CHANGING the rules for people who give them enough money! My daughters future High School...is selling indulgences!

'Angels and ministers of grace defend us!'



Anonymous said...

This raises the uestion: why would an atheist send his child to a Catholic school?

Looks to me like they are only preparing these children for the workplaces of the 21st century. Look at the new standards being set by Yahoo and Goodle. Reminds me more of the 'casual Fridays' (do they still have them or have they become moot?) than indulgence selling.

35 years ago my father and I went to the open house for upcoming freshman for St. Joseph's High School for boys. He had graduated from that school as had my uncle and my cousins. My dad was a doctor and quite a few of the brothers that taught him were now his patients. After we arrived he took one of the brothers aside and told him that he was concerned because some young 'hooligans' with long hair, dirty jeans and unbuttoned flannel shirts were hanging around in the parking lot. The brother responded, "Oh, no doctor! Those are the seniors helping with the parking." At that time the school was charging the outrageous sum of $800 a year. I ended up at public high school.

Crimson Wife said...

Most Jesuit schools are only nominally Catholic, which is why many devout Catholics now choose to educate their kids at home. It's a shame, really, that an order founded to promote Catholic education has strayed so far from its original mission...

SirRobert said...

Hey Christian!

Well it's a good question. Libby is not my biological daughter, but she is MY daughter. Her grandparents, the parents of her father, are agnostic at best with regards to religion, which means we get along famously. That said they suggested that it would be good for her to get a bit of religious instruction so she would know about the tenets of Christianity. Plus the education would be more challenging, to Libby a straight A student, than what she would receive in the public school system. I can't argue with that.

Plus her grandparents are seeing to it that her father is paying for it, which is just icing on the cake, considering I think her father is a gigantic tool! Seriously, the man sees his daughter like twice a year. Which doesn't phase Libby at all because as far as she and her grandparents are concerned I am her father! ;-)


Tam said...

That it is a bit strange R.

How did Libby feel about the school?

Happy V-Day Robert! I have a sneaking suspicion you're a romantic and have something planned for your bride. Or are you like the most the other bloggers who boycott this day?

SirRobert said...

Wifey got her long stem roses today!

And we'll be getting away for long weekend in the Berkshires in a few weeks!