Monday, April 28, 2008

And ye shall know them by their SMELL!!!

Seems our old pal Donald Wildmon is in a tizzy again! This time his target is Proctor & Gamble for its sponsorship of "As The World Turns". Tellingly, Ol' Donny is willing to look past the heterosexual promiscuity all too evident in ALL soap operas, but "open mouth' homosexual kissing", well he's having NONE of that! To show his commitment to stamping out this "unhealthy and immoral lifestyle" he's suggesting that those who agree with his position contact P&G and make their feelings known. I find it interesting that he hasn't called for a boycott as he has in the past. Might it have something to do with the ubiquity of P&G products in the American Home? Look at these brand names: Crest, Tide, Ivory Soap, Secret, Pampers, Scope! Can you imagine the combined effect on pleasant society if the millions of Bible adhering citizens in this country decided to stop using these products!? Pee yew! It'd be like Paris in high summer!

As a public service to all of us, I am begging my Christian brothers and sisters to NOT engage in anything so rash as to suspend using modern toiletries in lieu of showing your distaste for homosexuality. All of us will thank you for it!



nate said...

I am surprised that lobbyists of all backgrounds have not learned from history that external boycotts are extremely ineffective...especially when it comes to necessary items. Only an internal boycott, like a union-driven employee strike, ever actually makes an impact.

Based off the fact that there are only 22 "digs" on Wildmon's post, I would say Procter & Gamble is only out about 150 bucks at this point.

I'm not knocking on His Belief and/or hypocrisy--for we all are two-faced at some level--just his lame ancient methodology.

Ric Booth said...

{wincing as yet another so-called spokesperson steps up to the microphone...}