Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Capitalism + The Bible = Big $$$

Who says that you can't be a Christ-follower and a successful entrepreneur!

That's right folks you too can experience the the scent of "His Essence" for the bargain basement price of $19.95 + shipping and handling!

From the website:

The Company

His EssenceTM is a South Dakota company inspired by Psalm 45:8 - "All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia..." The Bible verse refers to the garments of the Messiah when He returns. We carefully combine these fragrances and the result is a scent, which serves as a reminder of His Presence.

The Product

The first product using this formula was a 14-ounce jar candle. The original candle was manufactured by Woodbridge Candle Company in Freeman, South Dakota. Beginning in June 2006 the Acadian Candle Company of Bloomington, MN became the official developer and manufacturer for His EssencesTM candles.
In February 2007 His EssenceTM introduced two new candle lines:

*Resurrection, inspired by John 19:39-40, "Nicodemus brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about 75 pounds. Taking Jesus' body, the two of them wrapped it, with the spices, in strips of linen."

*Servanthood, inspired by John 12:3, "Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume."

Retailers have remarked about the high quality of the candle, noting its even burn and scent throw characteristics. It burns for 80 to 100 hours and emits a pleasant and gentle fragrance.

The People

Bob and Karen Tosterud live in rural Burbank, South Dakota. This idea was all Karen's, and being married to a professor of entrepreneurship at the University of South Dakota, it was natural to turn the idea into a business.

Well I'm sold! I going to order one of these right now!

Seriously! I am ordering one! I have to know what it smells like to be in His presence!


thanks to Hemant for inspiring this post


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert...how ya been? I just spent some time looking at ur family pictures...you have a beautiful family!!!

As far as your last couple of posts...we as believers and non-believers alike have a responsibility to see through this kind of stuff. The responsibility is on us as individuals...I could if you like, post on some outrageous science and atheist scams....in order to be fair you should show both sides dontcha think? I don't mind my kids learning about science or other religions...just include Jesus in the mix. Nice cats????!!!!! LOL

SirRobert said...

Hi Deb!

Nice to see you again.

Oh I am fully aware that there are charlatans of the atheist persuasion out there and I have no compunction about going after them.

I never meant to cast all Christ-followers as capitalistic-opportunists.

That said they did get $20 from me. My morbid curiosity yet again costs me! Well that and I just love scented candles....


SirRobert said...

PS.... thanks so much for your comments on my kids! I'm a lucky man! I know.... you would say blessed! ;-)

Anonymous said...

See? I would never spend $20 on that! LOL

Most of the time I WOULD say blessed...but you? Lucky! LOL Just kidding...I'm honory today..I'm sure you understand!

Sometimes it is so frustrating as a believer when this stuff takes place because if someone really is seeking, they tend to look at this kind of stuff instead of the simple truth...just like evolution was to me..it was the warped version of it that made me not consider it. Anyway, have a super day! :)

SirRobert said...


This just reinforces my belief that there are critical thinkers on each side of the fence.

I bought the candle because of my twisted sense of humor...the same reason I bought a vial of Pat Robertson's Holy Water's from a few years back...I just wanted to add it to my shelf of insanity! :-)

But I agree with you that it is sad when someone who is truly seeking buys into this 'gimmick' hoping to find something that can't be purchased but is nonetheless free!


Anonymous said...

"I just wanted to add it to my shelf of insanity!"

I would love to see that museum. But I am afraid I would be in perpetual laugh-so-you-son't-cry mode. Anger.

Just as a side note it was just a few years ago, around 1999-2000, that the Pope sold plenary indulgences.

Nothing new under the sun.


Christian Beyer said...

Sure atheists can be just as bad as Christians. But don't Christians claim to hold the moral high ground?

People like you need to keep pointing these things out Rob. Or else we (Christians) might become a bit too smug.

Anonymous said...

another moment of clarity.

Anonymous said...

As I said on Hemant's blog. I'm waiting for a scratch and sniff bible.