Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh fabulous...

From the man who brought us the world famous infamous banana argument, comes the latest foible...Because the Noah's Ark story is so much more believable an explanation as to WHY we find fossilized shells at the top of high mountains! Right Ray?



Ed said...

I looked up Ray Comfort on Wikipedia and found the following. I must admit incorporating a mechanical gorilla into your sermon(?) would make for good entertainment. I do hope the gorilla carries a sign so we can tell which is the intelligent one. :)

From Wikipedia:

"He currently continues in itinerant ministry as a preacher and speaker at many churches and evangelism seminars, including Worldview Weekend events.

Ray also preaches most Saturday afternoons at Huntington Beach, California, with a mechanical gorilla named Link, which helps him to draw a crowd and argue against the theory of evolution.[citation needed]"

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sir R,

I dropped by and tried really hard to leave a comment on 'The A Word' post i previewed it and posted all the right 'blogger' crap including the stupid word verification 'madness' and all, crossed all my i's and dotted all my t's ( ;-) ) and after three tries i come back to find.... nada. Get why i like wordpress yet? :-)

Do you have a 'nasty' filter that i don't know about - cos i started the post being Nasty to you so's i get to go 'one-on-one' with Mrs Smith like you PROMISE!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen any of the sample questions? They're a little lacking in substance.