Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Check mate...

Some may note that I have been extremely quiet about the release of Expelled over the past weekend. I had felt that I'd commented enough about my feelings regarding this little piece of creationist drivel in my past postings. Admittedly those postings were based upon the observations of those who had attended private screenings of the celluloid mess before its official release. Perhaps, as some have indicated, it was unfair of me to make such judgments before I had personally seen the film. Fair enough. But what to do? In no way did I want to risk contributing to the coffers of the 'Disco' Institute or any one else who MIGHT make the ludicrous argument that Darwinism begets Holocausts. Oh the consternation...

All I will say is that using a little ingenuity and a bit of intrepid legerdemain I have indeed seen this piece of dishonest propaganda.

I saw this disingenuous piece of filth over the weekend and it is even worse than I imagined! Words can't describe the anger this sorry piece of shit* evoked in me. Ben Stein has absolutely no clue what Darwin's theory says or how it is understood today. Any thinking person with a modicum of critical thinking skills upon seeing this film would should blush at the idiotic arguments that are made. Such a person as one who would buy fall for these arguments is at the very least desperately in need of a remedial course in 'critical thinking'. Blaming Darwin for holocausts is akin to blaming Newton for airplane crashes!

I have neither the time nor the inclination to waste any more of my precious time further reducing to charred waste this film that is nothing more than a testament to the duplicitous nature of the people responsible for making said film. I consider it beneath me to further honor it with the privilege of my attention. Besides that plenty of reviewers have done just that in ways far beyond my limited means. My personal favorite is located at MSNBC. So in short if you are looking for a serious well thought out indictment of Darwin's theory that you can use against those who accept Darwin's insight... you won't find it at the few theaters dumb enough to be showing this film.


*As a general rule I try not to be overtly profane in my posts but sometimes my emotions get the better of me and in this case I feel I am justified.


b4d6uy said...

Thought I'd pop over to you blog spot and check up on you.

How is it you can spell duplicitous, disingenuous, and legerdemain here, and not complete a simple sentence over there? (I know - spellcheck!)

Anyway, I thought the point of this film was not to debunk Darwin's theory, but to explore why/how it came to be that "only" this theory is acceptable to be taught in schools and not other theories such as "intelligent design"?

(I'm going to see the movie tomorrow, so no spoilers please!)

How do you compare a Ben Stein documentary to a Michael Moore documentary? Are they even in the same ballpark? Just curious.

b4d6uy said...

btw - b4d6uy is b4dguy - but even more people have stolen the badguy moniker and it's many permutations on blogspot than on wordpress.

Jeff's the name; badguy is the nickname/handle.

SirRobert said...

Hi b4d6uy

Thanks for stopping by. :)

In answer to your question;

I think Michael Moore is a reactionary wind bag! He is just as bad as the producers of this film but from the opposite side of the political spectrum.


Anonymous said...

Badguy, allow me to leap in to the conversation and point out that intelligent design is not a theory. Not in the scientific sense that evolution is a theory. ID proposes nothing and tests nothing.

It should not be taught in schools at all, let alone in science classes. The idea of exposing children to such a ridiculous windbag of theidiocy is insulting and should not be entertained except in a philosophy class as an example of where honest enquiry can go wrong when it is hijacked by people with agendas.


I'm also planning on watching this piece of work (insert other four letter word of your choice) but I'm not paying for it. I'd never contribute to such a dishonest enterprise.

SirRobert said...

Welcome back HoverFrog!!

I myself did not pay...

It's a good thing to have friends who work in a cinema :D


b4d6uy said...

hoverfrog...leap...I get it.

I think it’s interesting that the whole argument between ID/Creationism and Evolution exists in the first place - since they are (scientific or not) mutually exclusive. Why isn’t the Creationist argument leveled against Abiogenesis?

Seems kind of silly to me - but what are you gonna do?

Personally, I believe science should continue to figure out how things work, especially for the purpose of solving global issues that impact mankind. I would like to think that scientists are open to all possible outcomes - that if there is someday some “proof” of a Creator, that they will see the data and make the acknowledgment. It’s only supernatural if it’s not understood; if it is figured out someday how a Creator created then it would be within the limits of our understanding, and therefore natural.

"I'd never contribute to such a dishonest enterprise." - Interesting ... I wonder if you shop at WalMart? Or pay taxes?

It's pretty hard to not contribute to some dishonest enterprise somewhere along the line.

SirRobert said...

Good to see you again b4d6uy...

I'm glad you came by to voice your feelings. :-)

I should also add that if someone were to find evidence that was indicative some sort of intelligent Design I would be very interested in seeing it!

To date though it ID seems only interested in 'poking holes' in Darwin's theory and our modern understanding of it... which really isn't a bad thing because it shows where the weaknesses are. But that's still a negative enterprise. Where's the positive effort to support ID?