Thursday, April 24, 2008

The one in which I support the Christians...

So evidently Florida is looking to make a available a vanity plate to those wanting to make a statement of belief AND who would also spend the extra cash for the privilege. Apparently the ACLU has got its proverbial knickers all in a twist over the idea.

Here's my view over this whole brouhaha. In and of itself this plate doesn't bother me in the slightest because it is optional and you have to pay for the damned thing. If the state were compelling all motorists to have this plate then we'd have a BIG problem. The simple fact is Christians do make up a large portion of the population and if the state wants to sucker a few of them into buying this preposterous thing and use the money to state projects, so be it.

Where Florida needs to be be careful is what they are going to do with the money they will reap from this thing. They ARE supposed to be neutral in matters of religion so using said funds to support some sort of religiously based program... well then we have a problem.

Most human matters are not black and white and this situation is very much in the gray as it were. If my home state of Massachusetts were to make available some sort of plate extolling the virtues of free-thought I don't think I'd acquire one. I can see through it as nothing more than the State trying to fleece a little bit more of my ever dwindling supply of cash.

Additionally my thoughts are generally more complex than anything than can fit on a license plate anyway...



Brandy said...

Love the pics of the kids! How many do you have anyway??? I couldn't keep track. ;-) They are all BEAUTIFUL. Lucky lucky guy you. :D

The baby faces killed me though! :D Gotta love a smiling baby! :D

SirRobert said...

Libby, 13

Ethan, 11

Vincenzo, 5

Sofia, 3


Brandy said...

WOW! You started all over again (gap between E and V)....kind of. ;-) haha! I would love four kids, but my sanity will not allow me to be PG again. ;-)

LOVE the names. :D

Tam said...

anything for greedy govt to make a dollar! I wouldn't buy one!!!


Do they even make those anymore?


SirRobert said...

Not sure now that you mention it...

Lately I am HOOKED on those Peanut Butter filling OREO's!

Seriously, I think the CIA might be responsible for those...


Tam said...

Ahh! Now you've gone and ruined a perfectly good cookie. Peanut belongs on bread with Jam. I have a friend who puts pbutter on her pancakes. Wrong!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert: Thank you for this. It's what I was chatting about with you several times in being "predjudice" against us.

You rock!

Tam, sorry, but I grew up with peanut butter on my pancakes and to this day cannot even consider eating one without it.... LOL

Ric Booth said...

Funny. Remember this song:

They will know we are Christians buy our plates, buy our plates.
They will know we are Christians buy our plates.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with the decorated plates, with any decoration on vehicle registration plates, actually. Decoration can obscure the number and impede the due process of the law. If someone wants to replace their side window with a stained glass window then that's fine but number plates should be out of bounds.

SirRobert said...

Hi Hov

This does seem to be a uniquely American thing.

I've seen European plates and they are strictly utilitarian and perhaps thats the way it should be.

This does seem to go to our American predisposition to make sure you know as much about us as possible...even though you may not give a rats ass either way! ;-)