Monday, July 7, 2008

Requiem for Menkus..

I haven't been able to do this but I need to...

Words cannot express what your companionship has meant to me these many years.

You have enriched my life far beyond capabilities I thought possible and you were as loyal a friend as any I have ever had.

I can only hope that I added to your life half as much as you added to my own. You were never just a pet, you were a member of the family.

There has never been nor will there ever be another cat like you, you were truly unique. Now you have departed, gone to your peace, leaving nothing but cherished memories. You will never be forgotten.


1993 - 2008

I love you!



Sara said...

Many sympathies for your loss. I've only had my cat for two years and I already love him as though he's my first child. I can't imagine losing him.

Looks like your kitty had a good long life that I'm sure was full of love and happiness, both given and received. You were both lucky to have each other.

May you heal well.


Christian Beyer said...

Sorry for your loss Robert. It's tough to lose a friend.

I used to be a card carrying cat hater - dogs all the way. But our little home is too small for a 'real' dog so our kids had to be happy with Guinea Pigs, rabbits and lizards. Until one day when I was inebriated (I must've been) I permitted my daughter to adopt a skinny little kitten we named Kitsy. That cat loved me to no end I quickly fell in love with her. (Have you ever had a cat lick the soles of your feet? Just this side of heaven. Don't judge me).

Kitsy died in an accident less than a year later and I cried like a baby. Three cat's later and we finally found a suitable replacement, Sargeant Stripes. (the other two cats are psyhotic and neurotic - I don't claim them). I only pray that Sarge lives as long as Menkus did. But he's an outsider, already been to the emergency room and the county lock up in the two years he's had us. (He's also very expensive.)

Thanks for sharing, Robert. After a proper period of mourning, go out and meet some other kittens. Minkus would've wanted it that way.

Anonymous said...

Robert: I'm so sorry you had to go through this, that you're still going through it.

You are a special friend with a huge heart. I hope you reach a point one day where you are able to have another kitty, I agree with Christian, that Menkus would be happy with that.

Love you,
Debs :)

SirRobert said...

Thank you all for your sympathies!

Sara: It's amazing how quickly they sqirm into our hearts!

Christian: An ex-girlfriend of mine brought Menkus home one day. Seems a co-worker rescued him from an abusive home. He was flea-bitten, worm infested and he was a pain in the ass!! He knew who hw had to win over. Which he promptly did in days, Menkus was the one constant i my life for the last 15 years. My wife and I decided that we would have no more pets for a while...till the kids are grown..she says. Menkus found me and I suspect that the right cat will find me again. I miss him so much!

Deb: thanks so much for your words. They mean much!


Ed said...

Robert, I am very sorry for your loss. Losing a member of your family is never easy.

I have seen with my cousin, who has six cats, how much love and joy they add your life.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation! **sniff* We'll be fine, really... *sniff* Talk to ya in a week or so.... :(

LOL, just kidding!!!! Have a blast!!! :)