Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 score years ago....

Yikes! What do Hugh Jackman and I share other than rugged good looks and the ability to make women swoon (yeah right!)? We share the exact same birthday. That's right Wolverine and I turned the big 4-oh this Sunday past. What else happened on October 12th, 1968...?

Well let's turn on the 'way-back machine' and see, shall we?

October 12th, 1968

#1 song on Billboard: "Hey Jude" - The Beatles (that kicks ass!)

That's all I got...

Hell I was just born, what do you want from me!



Anonymous said...

1968... without googling I think these are some of the major events:
MKK Jr. Assassinated.
Bobby Kennedy Assassinated.
Nixon became president.
George Wallace was shot.
Ric Booth turned 8.
And, of course, Robert is born.

So there is hope... even in the storm. ;)

Anonymous said...

And don't forget that Chris Beyer turned 9.

Hey, hang in there. 40 can be pretty tough for a guy. The next 10 years are just a quick slide down hill. (Unless you happen to be Ric Booth).

Happy Birthday you big old skeptic.

SirRobert said...


big doin's in '68.... can't believe i spaced on those!


Thanks for the preview of the next 10 years...

During move I noticed how much more my body squawked from the exertion entailed.

Getting old is a bitch!


Anonymous said...

Two hundred years ago you'd have been considered elderly. In some parts of Africa you have exceeded the average lifespan of the population. In North America you can expect to live another 40 years, perhaps more.

Any plans for the next four decades?