Thursday, January 31, 2008

I never cared for 'MySpace' that much...

I do have a token MySpace page. I am now debating as to whether or not to delete said page. My wife loves her MySpace page she gets very creative with it. But both her and I are about fed up with the management of MySpace and their pandering to some narrow minded whiners.

Myself, I prefer the configurability and freedom of the blog world. but this at the very least gives me pause and at the extreme infuriates me!

My page over at ChristianSpace MySpace may not be long for this world. Probably for the best anyway, I am tired of friend requests from the likes of Tiffani or Brandi or Kelli who have an 'aversion to clothes ' or 'love experimenting'.... Ridiculous and salacious soliciting are OK at MySpace but agnosticism or atheism?! Well that's where they draw the line!

Theist puhleeeeease!



Ed said...

"Ridiculous and salacious soliciting are OK at MySpace but agnosticism or atheism?! Well that's where they draw the line!"

That's a great line Robert. I have to write it don't so I can steal it for my blog. :)

Ed said...

I just finished reading the article and went to the Wikipedia site on the group and found:

"This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy."

I was completely unaware of these events. Thanks for posting the links.

Can you imagine the outrage if the "Atheist and Agnostic Group" had been a Christian organzation?

I usually try to end my post with some witty comment. I can't think of any. We none-believers have a right to be pissed!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no you don't....have a right to be pissed that is. We as theists deal with this all the time...yet we're to be charming and loving, and watch our words etc......SO, all that to say, welcome to our world on a different level. And Robert PUUUULLLLEEEEESSSSSEEE stop lumping us all together.....GEEZ! If you don't like it done to you Sir Rness, don't do it to us!!!! Walls down, remember???????

Bill said...

I hear ya, man. I can't stand Myspace. Countless spam comments, friend request from dummy/porn accounts, hacked accounts, spam emails...what else could you ask for??

SirRobert said...


When I said: 'theist puhlease" I wasn't referring to you I was referring to which ever theist(s) that were upset by the existence of an atheist/agnostic group within myspace. If you weren't offended then it's not ou to which I was referring....sleep well! :)


Anonymous said...

You goofball! (I mean that with the utmost respect ;) If there were Christians offended that there are atheists around, I would have to question if they read the same Bible as we (those who love ALL people regardless) do. I' not sleepy, it's only 4:30....although it is freezing rain outside, and there's a nice warm I think I'll just not do anything the rest of the day.... LOL Your daughter is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Sir R, I do have question for you think atheists hold theists to a higher standard? Just something I think about sometimes and wanted your opinion....

SirRobert said...


To be fair I think SOME atheists hold theists to an impossible standard, and that's not fair. I think what irritates me is the cavalier manner in which the group at myspace was deleted. I'm not suggesting this is something that YOU personally would agree with. There are intolerant theists and there definitely intolerant atheists!


Brandy said...

Hey Robert, you can make your page private so you don't get those lame requests and wierdo's lurking your myspace page.

I made mine private b/c I have pics of my kids on there and didn't want just anyone seeing them.

I am like your wife and love my myspace and have fun with it. :D

SirRobert said...

Hi Brandy

I did that but every now and then I get them...not sure why.

I have much more fun pimping my blogger page anyway.

Also it seems myspace reinstated the AA group. It seems that the biggest Christian group at myspace had the same problem with hackers.

Some people have WAY too much time on their hands!