Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm 'her hero'...

There are some things that just make everything you go through worth it.

A few days ago my wife was changing the pants of our potty-training daughter, Sofia, after she had had an accident whilst trying to 'pee on the potty'. The following was the conversation:

Sofia: Those pink pants are clean?

Mama: Yep sweetie, they are clean and dry.

Sofia: You wash them?

Mama: Actually I think Papa washed and dried them, while he watched the Patriots game.

Sofia: Papa did it!?

Mama: Yeah! See how much he loves you?

Sofia: He's my hero!!!
This little girl is going to OWN me for the rest of my life. I'll try to resist the temptation to GIVE her the world!

Woe to he who messes with my little girls heart!



Tam said...

How fortunate she is to have you to call Daddy! That is so stinkin' sweet!

Have you copied the app. from B's blog yet??

There is nothing sweeter to me than to catch Brent giving Kass that total look of adoration and unconditional love. I didn't have a dad, so when I see that, then read stuff like your post here it just just makes me beam with hope! What an honor and privilege it is to be a parent.

And one more thing...A few years ago my, then 8 yr old, son asked me why I don't have m&m's in the bathroom anymore. Wha?!! He remembered that I kept a jar of them in the bathroom at a certain house. Then I remembered I used those when I potty trained him! Who keeps food in the bathroom!!? Geeze, I must have been desperate!

Have a great day Robert!

SirRobert said...


My Mom often relates the story of how she potty trained me using Whoppers, you know those malted milk-chocolate candies. One for #1, Two for it were.

She says I was cheap compared to my two brothers who evidently required quarters!

She trained me for the bargain basement price of $1.50 box of whoppers!


SirRobert said...

...and yes I did copy the application from Brent's site. I printed it out and handed it to my 13 year old daughter. She laughed her butt off! She made copies for her friends.

Oddly, her male friends weren't so amused...puzzler there.



Ed said...

Great post Robert.

Can't be a better feeling than being a hero in your child's eyes.

I also enjoy the music form you imeem playlist.