Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm a mutant!

How cool is this?

Evidently, ME, my brothers AND my blonde-haired daughter have a common ancestor!

I always thought it odd that both my parents have chocolate brown eyes and their three progeny all have deep shades of blue eyes. Now I have an explanation other than one involving a liaison between my mother and the Swedish postman! ;)

Ah! The sweet sleep of the righteous!

Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor


Ed said...

I have blue eyes myself, "brother". I immediately thought of the Crystal Gayle song, "Don't It Make My Blue Eyes Brown."

Have you heard of Dr. Armand Leroi. He wrote a book, "Mutants", "Who are the mutants? We are all mutants." I hope that is right.

I don't want to think we humans are the final end product of hominid evolution. I am sure we could use some adjustments to our DNA.

SirRobert said...

I've often thought about how evolution would continue in our case. Because of all things we are now capable of, strictly naturalistic evolution may NOT be possible. WE would have too much to say about what is selected for and against.

Food for thought...