Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The fairy tale of modern chemistry!

Much like Evolutionary theory, even the well established science of chemistry goes through revision and refinement. This is what science does!


Anonymous said...

"This is what science does!"

Complicate the obvious? tee hee

As for the other entry... you've got one under your belt now...u'll do fine! Remember, the more you dislike someone, the longer she'll stay with him...When our kids started dating, we decided when they "fell in love" that they should spend as much time as possible with that person. Pretty soon they were so sick of eachother they broke up. It's the fantasy of what it "should be" like that keeps them together. So the reality of what it was really like and having them together all the time really worked well in keeping them apart.


SirRobert said...


Aaaaah! I think you are definitely onto something there! I don't know how the hell they could stand each other over an extended period of time.


hoverFrog said...

Those fiendish scientists with their arcane tables and charts. It looks suspiciously like alchemy to me.

Anonymous said...

let me make sure I understand:

There were actual tests performed, correct? The materials and methods were documented? Raw data resultant from those materials and methods also documented? Conclusions formulated from actual experiments, not theoretical ponderings? These conclusions were tested by others when they repeated the assembly and execution of the same materials and methods, proceded to actually perform experiments, not preassembled, presuppositional philosophical musings, which resulted in concrete data by which the previous results of the actual experiment could be demonstrated to be incorrect, or at least that the materials and or methods that were used in an actual experiment were actually, not theoretically, executed incorrectly?

This process seems to be more, well, scientific than another famous theory. But if your preassembled presuppositions help you to maintain your complex apologetic by which you can stratify your complex faith structure in the unseen, untestable, unfalsifiable experiment - that is, the god of your chosing - go for it.

Apples and oranges, pal.

That's not quite right, actual apples and theoretical oranges.

Jason - your rare gem

SirRobert said...

I have no words! :-)