Wednesday, March 19, 2008


That was the longest hour and a half I've experienced in a while....

I come home and Libby and the boy are sitting on our love seat in the living room watching "National Treasure'. I greet them both pleasantly as I walk in and proceed to the kitchen where my wife is dutifully preparing our dinner and supervising the younger children as they eat theirs. I greet her and she raises her eyebrows in the direction of the living room. side note: My wife doesn't care for him either.

After stowing my attache case, I rejoin the young couple and it's then I notice the boy has on his
'Red Sox' T-shirt. OK, fine. He's reveling in his support for the home team in spite of the knowledge that both my daughter and I revile them. I'll let that slide. I sit down and watch the movie with them for a while. As I am watching I listen to their conversation.

Something occurs to me at this moment. Teenagers are the most insipid and naive people on the planet! Wow! Did I really sound like this 25 years ago? No wonder my father wanted to kill me. These two knew everything, their teachers are stupid, they have ALL the worlds problems figured out and the rest of us are too clueless understand. During dinner the boy bragged about some many different things I had to suppress the gag reflex on several occasions. Perhaps it was just nervousness on his part so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

In summary...I'm not this kid's biggest fan but I suppose I'm not required nor expected to like my daughters boyfriends. Personally, I don't see what she sees in him, she could do much much better. Though I suspect the boy's Mom feels the same way about my daughter.

Grin and bear it I guess?

How many more of these damned things do I have to look forward to?


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hoverFrog said...

The solution is simple. Kill him and feed his corpse to some pigs. It's for the best.

Have you tried making him look stupid and childish in front of your daughter? Go on, you know you want to.